How To Wash & Care For Your Tie-Dye Shirt (Simple Instructions!)

Updated: Mar 21

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional spiral design, or more of a bull-eye pattern type person, tie dye shirts are one of the most fun summer craft for kids (and adults!). And it's no wonder why people love them so much. Ordinary rubber bands, squirt bottles, and bright colored dye powder turn your old white shirts into masterpieces of amazing patterns that are fun to wear all year round.

But after the squirt bottles have been washed out, and your tie-dye shirts have sat patiently in their plastic bags overnight, what's the best way to wash them?

In this article, you’ll learn how to care for your tie-dye shirt properly so that it does turns out as brilliantly as possible, does not fade over time, and lasts for years to come.