Here's What I Really Want for Mother's Day (And Every Sunday Thereafter)

See how this woman feels? This is how I want to feel on Mother's Day.

How do I want to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend? Two words: Rest and Takeout.

The last two months have been draining in a way we never thought possible. Our brains are scattered. We don't know what the next month will bring. We can't focus. We're worried. We worry about the virus. We worry about getting our older parents sick. We can't hug our friends and relatives. We wonder how long this will last.

We talk through windows. We never want to hop on another Zoom call ever again. Homeschool is fine. Homeschool is awful. We're homeschool masters. We're not getting any work done. We got a little work done. We're not sure camps will be open. We hope our kids are going back to school in the Fall. Killer hornets are coming.

We do rainbow science experiments. We can't seem to get off the couch. We throw another loa