Rethinking Music Lessons: Backstage At School of Rock Shorewood

Hi, I'm Calie, owner of Milwaukee With Kids. Each week or so, I sit down with movers and shakers in Milwaukee who are making it a great city for families and supporting This week we're chatting with Jake Gobel at School of Rock Shorewood about their edgy real-world approach to learning an instrument, Jack Black, and how their music school is creating community for kids who can't find it anywhere else.

It's been 16 years since the movie "School of Rock" was released to audiences (50 Cent's "In Da Club" was the #1 hit, and Taylor Swift hadn't even signed a record deal yet). But the movie inspired real-life "School of Rock" music schools all over the world, and today we have one right in our own backyard.

School of Rock Shorewood takes a real-life approach to learning music that is so fun, kids forget they're even learning how to play an instrument. If you pop in on a random day, you might be surprised to see eight and ten year old kids in band practice together, playing songs that you hear on the radio. Other students might be taking a break from their band practice, eating pizza in the lounge.

It's a community that is like-minded in their passions, and it's a safe haven for some music-loving kids who weren't quite able to find their niche until they found School of Rock.