How much is too much for a one year old's party? (Sponsored)

But seriously, how much is too much for a one year old birthday party? When my first born turned one year old in 2012, we invited everyone we knew (and some people we didn't know, like parents of kids at daycare) to a backyard party, hired a local children's musician to put on a kid-friendly concert, and we purchased a huge fire truck for the birthday boy to drive around in. Looking back, he couldn't even use the fire truck for another two years!

Now my third child is about to turn one, and I'll be lucky if I remember to buy the cake.

Here are a few things I'm doing to make sure my little Mae's party isn't pathetic, while also keeping the planning super simple:

1. Inviting guests with Paperless Post.

I have been a fan of Paperless Post for awhile now, mostly because I think their designs are more modern and cute than their competitors.

You can find birthday invitations for all ages, baby girl and baby boy shower invitations, Packer Party invites, and much more. You can choose envelopes and envelope liners, and your guests will see the invitation being opened as if it were a real invitation.