Local author tackles playground bullying

Does your child know what to do when there’s a bully on the playground? Many children do not. Some run away from the situation or stay silently in the background. No one expects a small child to intervene in a potentially dangerous situation, but there is something they can do when they encounter bullying or a friend in trouble – “yell and tell.”

That’s the theme of "Trouble at the Playground," the newest children's book by Jean Davidson and her daughter, Lori Walker.

The cleverly illustrated book with animals personifying children shows what happens when Marco, Molly, and Sam see their friend, Ashley, pushed down and her basketball taken away. 

At first they don’t know what to do, but by yelling and telling the teacher, a lesson is learned. 

Davidson, a former school teacher conceived the idea of the book, as well as a corresponding teaching program, after her own four-year-old grandson, Ryder, died in a water accident.