The perfect breakfast for Packer Sunday

Look! I made something that tastes good. And it's the perfect, savory treat for tomorrow's noon-start Packer game.

These protein-rich egg and sausage muffins are so easy to make, and taste like a football sunday. (You know what I mean?) But I could also see them being the perfect on-the-go breakfast for kids. And husbands. And moms.

When Johnsonville contacted me about doing this sponsored post, I was simultaneously enthusiastic and frightened. I made sure to tell them that mac n' cheese and pizza are the name of the game on most weeknights in my house.

I love preparing fresh meals and snacks, I just don't find a lot of time for it.

But they sent over a super simple, dummy-proof recipe for "Amazing Muffin Cups" and I was intrigued.

I even took a risk, and switched something up in the recipe. Instead of the Johnsonville Original Breakfast Sausage, I used their Turkey Sausage with Cheddar Links (fully cooked already).

And, listen. I don't know what they would have tasted like with the original breakfast sausage, but the ones I made tasted damn good! I already ate two of them, and I made them an hour ago.

Try it out for yourself. Took me an hour or so from start to finish, and for real, these muffins are delicious!

P.S. You knew Johnsonville was a Wisconsin company, right? Headquartered in Sheboygan Falls!

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