Traveling beer garden returns and it's family-friendly

Sprecher fire truck.jpg

Let's just pause for a moment and appreciate the fact that we live in a city that has a traveling beer garden.

Sprecher's genius idea is back this summer, this time with two locations each week.

The 16 week tour features craft beer, gourmet sodas, hard root beer, hard ginger beer, and other refreshments from Sprecher Brewing, Co., Inc. In addition, food is also available from Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub.

And you can feel a little less guilty about spending a little money there, because all the revenue collected goes back into improving the parks across Milwaukee County.

Kids will love the Sprecher fire truck, park setting, and delicious craft soda.

For the complete schedule, click here.

For a list of other beer gardens, click here.

Sprecher Beer Garden 2.jpg

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