25 Best Games To Play Over Facetime and Zoom (2021)

Updated: Apr 28

Need some human connection in your life? Level up your Facetime and Zoom calls with one of these fun and simple games:

1. Charades

Charades is classic game, beloved by generations. It requires quick thinking and creativity. It's easily played over FaceTime because no items or materials are required in order to play it. And best of all, there's no mess or clean-up.

How to play:

First, use your imagination to choose a person, place, or thing. You can easily choose basic things if you're playing with a child (alligator, brushing your teeth, banana, etc.) or you can make things more complicated if you're playing with another adult.

Here are some examples:

Examples of People:

1. The Incredible Hulk

2. Oprah Winfrey

3. Harry Potter

4. Security Guard

5. Doctor

Examples of Places:

1. Aquarium

2. New York City

3. McDonalds

4. Australia

5. The North Pole

Examples of Things (books, food, instrument, etc.)

1. Piñata

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

3. Corn on the Cob

4. Trombone

5. French Fries

Examples of Actions:

1. Doing laundry

2. Cooking pancakes

3. Skiing

4. Shooting a Bow & Arrow

5. Surfing

Next, there are some universal Charades gestures that can get you started acting out your word or phrase:

For a book, put your hands together and then open them like a book.

For a movie, pretend you are cranking an old-fashioned movie camera.

To indicate how many words you'll be acting out, hold up the number of fingers.

To indicate which word you will be acting out in this moment, hold up the number of fingers.

To indicate you will be acting out a small word, hold your forefinger and thumb close together.

To indicate that a word "sounds like", tug you ear.

2. Boggle

Boggle is a word game that requires concentration, focus, and the ability to read, write, and spell.

How to play:

If you or your long-distance friend has the classic Boggle game at home, you can simply position the Boggle board so that your long-distance friend can see it, too.

Set a timer. Then, each of you tries to find as many words as you can. A word has to appear in the dictionary in order to count as a word.

When time is up, one player reads their list aloud. If your opponent has the same word, you both cross it off your list. You get a point for every word you identified that your opponent did not.

If you don't have the game at home, you can order it on Amazon Prime:

3. Would You Rather?

Playing "Would You Rather" is a great way to spark discussion and laughter, and get to know someone better.

How to play: Use your imagination or google "Would You Rather Questions", and choose a few good ones. Here are some examples:

1. Thought-Provoking queries: "Would you rather live in a house shaped like a circle, or a house shaped like a triangle?"

2. Silly questions: "Would you rather only be able to walk backwards or only be able to walk on all fours?"

3. Gross questions: "Would you rather eat a slug or take a bath with a spider?"

Need some help coming up with questions? This book on Amazon has some ideas for you:

4. Pictionary

How to play: Similar to Charades, simply use your imagination to choose a person, place, or thing. Grab a piece of paper and something to write with. Then, try to draw it, without saying a word, and see if your partner can guess what you're drawing!

5. Two Truths & A Lie

How to play: Tell your friend three things about yourself. Two should be true, and one should be a lie. Have them guess which one is the lie!

6. Truth or Dare

How to play: Ask your friend if they want a "Truth" or a "Dare." If they choose Truth, ask them a question, and they have to tell the truth in their answer. If they choose Dare, dare them to do something silly.

7. Trivial Pursuit

How To Play: Trivial Pursuit is easily played over Facetime. The designated host can simply move everyone's pieces for them. To play, try to fill your game piece with all 6 of the colored wedges before any of the other players. When it's your turn, roll the die and move your piece that many spaces. Then, answer a question that corresponds with the color you landed on. If you're right, collect the wedge in that color.

You can order the classic game on Amazon:

8. Never Have I Ever

How to play: In this get-to-know-you game, each player puts two hands up where everyone can see. One player starts and says "Never have I ever...", finishing the sentence with something they have never done. ("Never have I ever swam in the ocean.") If the other players have done that, they have to put a finger down. The first person with all fingers down, wins. Or, the last surviving person with a finger up, wins.

9. Yahtzee

How To Play: Each player will need dice and a Yahtzee sheet to track their progress — If you don't have those supplies, use an online dice roller and an online sheet like this one. The host starts by rolling their dice on camera, playing their turn. The next player can then either take a turn by rolling their own dice on camera or getting the host to roll for them.

10. 20 Questions

How to play: Think of a person, place, or thing. Your partners can ask you up to 20 questions in order to gather information. You can only answer "Yes" or "No." See if they can guess what you're thinking of before they run out of questions!

11. Battleship

How to play: You both need a Battleship Gameboard to play over Facetime. Hide your ships on your grid, and see if you can sink your opponent's ship by guess where they hid it! Download your Facetime Battleship Game Pack to play at home >>.

12. Read My Lips

How to play: Put yourself on mute, and choose a word or phrase to say to your partner. See if they can guess what you're saying just by reading your lips!

13. Hangman

How to play: Choose a word and draw a dash for each letter in the word. Have your partner guess a letter in the word. If the letter is in the word, draw it in the blank. If the letter is not in the word, begin drawing one part of the gallows. Your partner can keep guessing until you've drawn the entire gallows!

14. Build A Story

How to play: In this classic improvisation game, each person can only say one word at a time. Build a wacky story together!

15. The Alphabet Game

How to play: Choose any topic (animals, food, names, etc.). Each player takes a turn thinking of something that starts with the letter A that fits in that category. Repeat for each letter of the alphabet.

16. Clap The Song

How to play: Think of a song and then clap it. See if the other players can guess what song you are clapping. You can also try humming the song.

17. Rainbow Race

How To Play: Agree on a color. The first person to find an object of that color gets a point! Whoever reaches seven points first, wins.

18. What's Missing?

How to Play: Gather 8-10 objects and have your friend study the group for about one minute. Have them close their eyes and remove one of the objects. Can they guess which one is missing? Try shortening the amount of time they can study the objects.

19. Category Race

How To Play: Think of a category (animal, candy, fruit, country, etc.). Set a timer and have each person write down as many words in that category they can think of. When the timer stops, read each other your lists. If you have the same word, cross it off your list. Whoever gets more words, wins!

20. Virtual Hide & Seek

How To Play: Instead of *actually* hiding, just *think* of the place you are hiding. Then, the other person can try to "find" you by guessing where you're hiding. For example: "Are you hiding in the kitchen?" "Are you hiding under the couch?" etc.

21. Storyteller Pass-Along

How To Play: Similar to "Build A Story" (listed above), but this time, each person gets one minute to tell a part of a story. When their minute is up, the next person continues the story for one minute, and so on.

22. Last Letter

How To Play: Think of a category (Boys names, vegetables, states, etc.). The first person says a word from that category. The next person has to think of something from that category that begins with the last letter of the word you just said. So if your category is "States in the United States" and one of you says "Wisconsin", the next person has to think of a state that starts with the letter N.

23. Origami Competition

How To Play: Find a simple origami tutorial online. Both of you build your own version and have an objective third party decide whose is superior!

24. True or False

How To Play: Each player takes a turn making a statement. (i.e. "It rained here today." or "The investor of the telephone was Alexander Graham Bell.") The other player has fifteen seconds to determine if the statement is True or False. Then it's the other players turn to make a statement, and have the other player guess if it's True or False. The first person to get five answers incorrect, loses.

25. Rhymes Only

How To Play: The first player says a word. The next player has to say a word that rhymes with it, within ten seconds. Keep going, back and forth, as long as you can. The first person who can't think of a rhyming word, loses!

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